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Holiday Planning
We're Working The Holiday Grand Plan
HGP Week 12, Day 2 
16th-Nov-2009 03:10 pm
Day 2
Storage Tasks
Make your plan of attack. Take a look at your storage area and decide what will be included in each of your three zones this week. Make notes about any storage items you plan to buy for this area.

Holiday Prep Tasks

  • Work on your shopping list. Add this week's canned food items to this week's list. Decide on cookie and freezer meal recipes for this week or next week (depending on where you shopping and cooking days fall in relation to my posts) and add ingredients you'll need to this week's (or next week's) list. Add the gifts you plan to buy this week to your list along with any wrapping or mailing supplies you'll need to pick up.

  • Work one hour on homemade gifts.

  • Make place cards

  • Make sure all your serving dishes are clean.

  • Make a 3x5 card for each serving dish, list what goes in it, garnish, how much before dinner it can go in and serving silverware used with it. Tape it to the edge of the dish.

  • Add additional serving dishes to your list if necessary

  • Check over linens to be sure they're clean, pressed, and haven't been hiding holes or spots. Add to your shopping list if they need to be replaced.

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