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Holiday Planning
We're Working The Holiday Grand Plan
HGP Week 14, Day 1: Overview 
29th-Nov-2009 08:33 am
Welcome to Week 14 of the HGP. This is Holiday Decor week.

This entire week is dedicated to decorating for the holidays and continuing to work on the storage areas if you haven't gotten those under control yet. There really aren't any deep cleaning tasks, and what everyone will do this week will be different depending on how much and what areas you decorate. So no more daily tasks. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Get rid of any decorations that are broken, lights that don't work, or things you don't love.

  • Group decorations for different holidays together and label all boxes.

Holiday Prep:

  • Decorate house and yard

  • Get tree

  • Prepare all packages for mailing and mail during this week and next.

  • Mail all overseas cards.

  • Order any holiday food, turkey or roast, platters, etc.

  • Have a craft day with kids

30th-Nov-2009 05:45 am (UTC)
My yard is decorated!
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