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Holiday Planning
We're Working The Holiday Grand Plan
from The Simple Dollar 
14th-Jun-2010 08:23 pm
Five Big Ways You Need To Think About Christmas... NOW!


"It’s mid-June, so there’s no better time to write about Christmas. Right? Right?!
The truth of the matter is that just a little bit of forethought right now can save you a ton of time, effort, cost, and heartache this December. While it might feel really out of place to think about Christmas on a warm June day, right now is the perfect time to give these five things a quick thought..."
15th-Jun-2010 12:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks! A nice article and one that says hey! you guys who start every August aren't crazy. Which is always nice. A friend and I were talking this week about whether if was too early to be shopping (it's not), and a [doll] club I just joined draws their gift exchange names in July so that they can scout shows and conventions, plan to make things, figure out what their recipient has or wants, etc. I think that's great.
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