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Holiday Grand Plan
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Do you love the Holidays but hate what they do to your sanity? Ever vow that "Next year will be different!"? US TOO!!! The Holiday Grand Plan will take you on an 18 week journey, starting Sunday, August 28, to get your home and mind ready for the holidays BEFORE December 24.

Even though the HGP starts this year on August 28th, if you're coming to it after that YOU ARE NOT BEHIND! Jump in where you are. Anything you do from here on can only make for a less stressful more joyful holiday season.

If you haven't heard about the Holiday Grand Plan check out the website at www.holidaygrandplan.com.

Tell us about yourself! When you join, please fill out the questionnaire below. This is not mandatory but, c'mon... it's fun!

1. Name or user name:

2. What "major" Holiday do you celebrate?:

3. What do you hope to change this Season?:

4. What is your favorite Holiday tradition?:

5. What is your favorite thing about the Holiday Season?:

6. What is your favorite holiday movie or TV special?:

7. What is your favorite Holiday recipe?: (Please Cut)


This is a friendly community. Please remember that we are all different and celebrate differently. First time offenders will be issued a warning and then banned. We want everyone to feel comfortable sharing about their Holiday.


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* holiday_fun: Holiday related icons, graphics and well... HOLIDAY FUN!
* flylady: Housekeeping, maintenance, cleaning, and support.